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Name Role Gender Nominating government/organisation Nationality(ies)
Ms. Isabelle Arpin Scoping expert Female France France
Ms. Barbara Ayala Orozco Scoping expert Female Mexico Mexico
Ms. Elvire Biye Scoping expert Female Cameroon Cameroon
Mrs. Somaly Chan Scoping expert Female Cambodia Cambodia
Mr. Fabrice Declerck Scoping expert Male Belgium Belgium
Ms. Lisa Hiwasaki Scoping expert Female Japan Japan
Mr. Tony James Scoping expert Male Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) Guyana
Ms. Esther Katz Scoping expert Female France France
Prof. Robert Kenward Scoping expert Male United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Prof. Nicholas King Scoping expert Male South Africa South Africa
Mr. Oluwatoyin Kolawole Scoping expert Male Botswana Nigeria
Prof. Elena Lazos Chavero Scoping expert Female Mexico
Dr. Gabriela Lichtenstein Scoping expert Female Argentina Argentina
Dr. Mónica Moraes Scoping expert Female Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Mr. Santiago Obispo Scoping expert Male Red de Cooperacion Amazonica-REDCAM Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Prof. Mi Sun Park Scoping expert Female Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
Prof. Ramón Perez Gil Salcido Scoping expert Male Mexico Mexico
Mr. Aleksandar Rankovic Scoping expert Male France France
Prof. Thomas Reuter Scoping expert Male Australia Australia
Mr. Anthony O'leary Richards Scoping expert Male Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
Ms. Chinara Sadykova Scoping expert Female Public Association Regional Center of Expertise for ESD RCE KG Kyrgyzstan
Mr. Murat Sezgin Scoping expert Male Sinop University Faculty of Fisheries Turkey
Ms. Annelie Sjölander Lindqvist Scoping expert Female Sweden Sweden
Ms. Wendy Rae Townsend Scoping expert Female Bolivia (Plurinational State of) United States of America