African States

Mketeni, Fundisile Goodman
Chief Executive Officer
South African National Parks
Oteng Yeboah, Alfred Apau
Dept of Botany, University of Ghana

Asia-Pacific States

Mohammadi Fazel, Asghar
Suh, Youngbae
Seoul National University

Eastern European States

Allahverdiyev, Rashad Zabid Oglu
Head expert
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Republic of Azerbaijan
Barudanovic, Senka
Faculty of Science, Zmaja od Bosne

Latin American and Caribbean States

Pacheco Balanza, Diego
Viceministro de Planificación y Coordinación
Thomas, Spencer
Ambassador and Special Envoy for Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Western European and other States

Baste, Ivar Andreas
Senior Advisor
Norwegian Environment Agency
Watson, Robert
Director for Stategic Developmnent
Tyndall Center Department of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia