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Dr. Gabriela Lichtenstein

Gabriela Lichtenstein

Independent Researcher
National Research Council (CONICET)/IUCN
I am an Independent Researcher at the National Research Council (CONICET), Argentina, IUCN SSC Regional Coordinator for Latin America, member of SSC Steering Committee, IUCN SULI, GECS and CEESP. Coordinator of IASC Regional Group for Latin America. I chaired IUCN´s South American Camelid Specialist Group for seven years (2007-2015). I participated in the elaboration of IPBES Scoping for the thematic assessment of the sustainable use of biodiversity and the expert workshop: "The contribution of indigenous and local knowledge to IPBES: building synergies with Science"
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Sustainable use-Scoping expert
Sustainable use-Lead author