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Dr. Mónica Moraes R.

Mónica Moraes R.

Researcher and professor
Universidad Mayor de San Andrés
ORCID Identifier:
Mónica Moraes Ramírez, Bolivian by birth, studied biology at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz and obtained both MSc (1989) and PhD (1996) at the University of Aarhus (Denmark). She has been a full-time professor of the UMSA Career since 1990 and took charge of the palm collection of the National Herbarium of Bolivia from 1984 to present. Since 2007 she is an emeritus teacher. As a botanist, she carried out research on flora and vegetation in the lowlands of Bolivia and has specialized in the study of native palms of Bolivia: She carried out studies on taxonomy of this group of plants, described three new palm species for Bolivia, researched on ecology, distribution, ethnobotany, conservation and management of palm trees.
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Americas Assessment-Lead author
Sustainable use-Scoping expert
Scenarios and models assessment-Lead author