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Name Role Nominating government/organisation Gender Nationality(ies)
Mr. Awang Noor Abd Ghani Scoping expert Malaysia Male Malaysia
Dr. Lilibeth Acosta-Michlik Scoping expert DIVERSITAS Female Philippines
Dr. Nur Azura Adam Scoping expert Malaysia Female Malaysia
Ms. Çigdem Adem Scoping expert IPBES Secretariat Female Turkey
Mr. Kossi Adjonou Scoping expert Togo Male Togo
Mr. Luis Fernando Aguirre Scoping expert Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Male Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Ms. Amani Al Assaf Scoping expert The University of Jordan Female Jordan
Ms. Nevena Alexandrova Scoping expert Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Female Bulgaria
Mr. Saleem Ali Scoping expert Pakistan Male Pakistan
Prof. Jose Rafael Almonte Perdomo Scoping expert Dominican Republic Male Dominican Republic
Dr. Luciano Andriamaro Scoping expert Madagascar Female Madagascar
Mr. Mourad Arabi Scoping expert Algeria Male Algeria
Prof. Emma Archer Scoping expert South Africa Female South Africa
Mr. Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo Scoping expert Benin Male Benin
Mr. Teshome Soromesa Aurgessa Scoping expert Ethiopia Male Ethiopia
Dr. Anne Gaelle Ausseil Scoping expert New Zealand Female France
New Zealand
Mr. Gunnar Austrheim Scoping expert Norway Male Norway
Mr. Mikhail Bagaturov Scoping expert Zoological Institute, St.Petersburg Male Russian Federation
Dr. Francisco Barbaran Scoping expert National Universityof Salta Instituteof Economic Research Male Argentina
Ms. Zsófia Benedek Scoping expert Hungary Female Hungary