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Modules of the assessment guide

A. Addressing Conceptual Issues

(The IPBES Conceptual Framework, IPBES Terrestrial and aquatic units of analysis and the IPBES classification of Nature's contribution of the People)


B. Use of Methodologies in Assessments 

(Conceptualising values, scenarios and models, and indigenous and local knowledge management)


C. Identifying and Assessing Data, Information, and Knowledge Resources and Gaps

(data and indicators)


D. Enhancing the Utility of Assessment for Decision-makers and Practitioners

(Policy support tools and methodologies)


E. Approaches to Undertaking a Government Review

(under development)


F. Strengthening Capacities in the Science Policy Interface

(How to address capacity building in assessments)


G. Undertaking National Ecosystem Assessments

(under development)  


H. IPBES Core Glossary