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Victor David

Research Fellow
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
Dr. DAVID Victor is currently Research Fellow at the Nouméa IRD Centre, New Caledonia and member of the IRD/University of Montpellier joint research team GRED ( His research activities and expertise focus on the evolution of environmental law, the law of and political strategies of adaptation to climate change in the South Pacific and the legal protection of environmentally displaced people in Oceania and the geopolitics of Oceania. He holds an LL. B and Masters in English literature, political science (Univeristy of Paris X) and a Masters from the University of New Caledonia in legal anthropology (a comparative study of democracy in plural societies in Oceania (Fiji and New Caledonia). He completed his doctoral thesis in Law and Social Sciences on Law and environmental policy in New Caledonia and Oceania at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris). He already has a significant number of publications and participation in scientific conferences to his credit. DAVID Victor began his career in the administration of ORSTOM / IRD (Dakar, Brazzaville, Paris and Nouméa) before becoming Deputy Secretary General of the Congress of New Caledonia (2001) where he developed a deep insight in New Caledonia’s and Kanak history and current politics which he continues to mobilize in university and professional training courses. Later in 2007 he was CEO of a semi-public company that pioneered in household waste management in the Greater Nouméa. He returned to IRD in Jan. 2011 reorienting to a full time career in research and expertise. His current main task is the coordination of a scientific research and public participation-based adoption of the Loyalty Islands Province Environment Code project.
More details on the GRED website and Linkedin personal pages.
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