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Dr. Theo Van Der Sluis

Theo Van Der Sluis

Researcher, international biodiversity
Alterra - Wageningen Environmental Research
Theo van der Sluis - Currently project manager and researcher at WENR in biodiversity and governance. A team worker with a focus on biodiversity assessments, wildlife management, land use planning and (restoration of) ecosystems in Europe and Africa.
He has been working on Ecosystem Services since 2002 with an assessment of services for a regional park in Italy. He has been the contact person for WENR in IPBES since 2012. Alterra and later have been recognized observer of the IPBES process from the start. He was review editor for the IPBES Regional Assessment for Europe and Central Asia. He is member of Ecosystem Services Partnership ESP and IALE.
He works in particular on habitat, vegetation and land use assessments, in the Mediterranean region and Eastern Europe. Natura2000 is an important part of the work, which includes site selection, habitat monitoring and evaluation of management effectiveness.
His experience includes working in multi-disciplinary projects in multi-cultural environments. He is project leader and advisor for several international projects in landscape ecology, in different regions in the Caribbean (Statia), Italy, Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia, Turkey, Russia, UK, Poland, Ukraine, and Israel. He has extensive field knowledge as expedition coordinator for biodiversity assessment of the Pechora River / Ural mountains in Russia. As capacity builder and advisor he supported different organisations and governmental departments in improved management, law enforcement, project design and execution and brokering of funds, in particular in Africa, in Botswana and Ghana.
In 2018 he finalised his PhD thesis research on processes of landscape change and European policy.
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Europe and Central Asia-Review editor