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Dr. Sonia Vanderhoeven

Sonia Vanderhoeven

Science Officer
Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Plant biologist specialized in biological invasions. Sonia Vanderhoeven has been working in the fields of evolutionary ecology, societal perception of environmental issues and the development of decision support tools. She is currently working as Science Officer at the Belgian Biodiversity Platform, a science policy interface funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office. Sonia is facilitating science-policy processes on invasive alien species (IAS): 1) facilitating the Belgian Forum on IAS, a community of practice made of scientists, policy-makers and stakeholders ; 2) actively participating in the implementation of the EU Regulation on IAS in Belgium ; 3) being a partner in Belgian IAS research projects such as the TrIAS project or the Alien Challenge and Alien CSI Cost Actions; 4) Contributing to publications and policy support on IAS; 5) liaising with international initiatives such as INVASIVESNET. During the last few years, Sonia has contributed to the development of information systems and online decision support tools in support of IAS decision making, in particular procedures for IAS risk evaluation.
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Invasive Alien Species assessment-Lead author