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Dr. Pricila Iranah

Pricila Iranah

Postdoctoral fellow
Colorado State University
Dr. Iranah has a background in biology and environmental management. Since 2012, she has been working on investigating means of sustainably financing conservation of forest ecosystems on oceanic islands. She also worked as part time faculty in the department of Earth and Environmental studies teaching sustainability, world geography and human environment. She also worked with the PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies, assisting undergraduate students in deriving sustainability solutions for New Jersey-based corporations. Prior to joining MSU, Dr. Iranah worked with the Climate Change Impacts Group of the Zoological Society of London before joining the first public-private partnership for conservation in Mauritius, the Vallée de Ferney Conservation Trust, where she gained experience in conservation management, acted as a stakeholder at national level and actively engaged the media in raising awareness about biodiversity conservation. She is joining Colorado State University as a postdoctoral research fellow in August 2018.
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