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Magali Gerino

Université P. Sabatier - Toulouse 3
• Since 2007 : Full Professeur of Environmental sciences at Toulouse 3 University, France
• Since 2017: Vice-dean of the Scientific Council for the Nature Conservation (CSRPN) in Occitanie District and since
• Since 2016 : member of the MRAe Occitanie – District Autority for Environnement and Associate Member of the CGEDD (Conseil General de l’Environnement et du Development) from French ministry of Environment and sustainalble developement.
• Since 2013 : Chair of Scientifique Council of Natural Sites Conservatory - CEN of Midi Pyrénées (Midi Pyrénées is one of the 26 french Regions)
o 51 indexed scientific papers and 1 internationnal pattent
o h-index = 21
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