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Llewellyn Foxcroft

Scientist: Invasion Ecology
South African National Parks
My interests span the field of invasion ecology, from applied, problem orientated research to conceptual frameworks. I largely focus on risk assessment, pathways and patterns of invasion within large protected areas, specifically the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Working across all 19 of South African National Parks’ protected areas, I have gained many insights into threats and priorities from the different regions. Over time my interests have expanded to reviewing the status of alien plant invasions in protected areas globally. Based in a conservation agency, part of my role is to integrate science into management and developing these links through evidence based management strategies. This is done through input into park management plans, policy and outcomes based monitoring. In general my work is currently directed into six core areas, namely, i) understanding patterns and drivers of plant invasions, ii) invasive species risk assessment, iii) long-term assessments of impacts on species and communities by alien plant invasions, including monitoring long-term outcomes of management, iv) global patterns of alien plant invasions in protected areas, v) non-plant invasions in protected areas, vi) working at the science–management–policy interface.
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Invasive Alien Species assessment-Lead author