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Dr. Karen Greenough

Karen Greenough

Social Anthropologist
Université de Faso
ORCID Identifier:
Karen Marie Greenough, Social Anthropologist, began her African experience in Tanout, Niger, as a Peace Corps volunteer between 1985 and 1988, and then lived and worked in Niger during the 1990s. Both masters and doctoral research were conducted in central Niger. In November 2011, she joined CGIAR’s Challenge Program for Water and Food—Volta Basin (Ouagadougou) as a post-doc investigating Innovation Research among the program’s five projects. In January 2014, Karen joined the WASCAL Competence Centre’s Socio-economic Cluster, to conduct research on global changes and Burkina pastoralist communities, on recovery from the double crisis of drought and devastating storm on Nigerien pastoral households, and on governance of Burkinabe pastoral zones. She also worked with colleagues at WASCAL and UNU-EHS (Bonn) to develop Regional Risk Analysis as a climate and environmental service for WASCAL. In 2018, Karen Greenough became an independent researcher working with the University of Faso, in Ouagadougou. She has recently been working on the Green Builders Project, investigating the ethnographic stories in the value web of organic waste collection, recycling, and reuse in Ouagadougou. Earlier in 2019, she evaluated Projet FLEUVE in Niger, part of the Great Green Wall.
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