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Ms. HyeJin Kim

HyeJin Kim

Doctoral researcher
iDiv German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research
I am a researcher and a practitioner with experience in multi-scale policy-oriented data analysis, model building and data visualization, information communication and capacity development from social sciences and public policy realm. I have interdisciplinary training background in anthropology and sociology, international development and education policy, and now biodiversity and sustainability sciences. My previous career was dedicated to monitoring the implementation of global goals, promoting data-driven policy analysis and financial planning through dialogue with decision-makers across sectors at international organizations and government agencies. I came to the field of conservation with a keen interest in learning and integrating knowledge from biodiversity science into evidence-based conservation policies and practice. Through my PhD on IPBES Nature Futures scenarios, I hope to collaboratively foster intelligible and harmonious dialogue amongst scientists, decision-makers, practitioners, local knowledge holders and citizens through co-developing conceptual models and application tools based on data-driven theory and theory-driven synthesis to support biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, and societal well-being. In my leisure, I enjoy traveling with my dog and cat exploring serene nature and learning how science, technology and policies have shaped human history and culture.
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Europe and Central Asia-Task force observer
Scenarios and models task force-Fellow