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Mr. Hendrik Freitag

Hendrik Freitag

Ateneo de Manila University
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As the head of the Ateneo de Manila University Biodiversity Lab, Prof. Freitag’s research focuses mainly on freshwater arthropods of the Philippines and the Oriental Region. So far, Prof. Freitag has authored or co-authored more than a hundred scientific descriptions of newly discovered species, including water beetles and bugs, freshwater crabs, caddisflies and mayflies. In addition to modern morphological approaches including software based drawing techniques and SEM imaging, molecular-genetic analysis of specimens are regularly performed. The work group is currently involved in projects that employ emerging Next Generation Sequencing technologies, such as metabarcoding and nanopore sequencing in the field.
Together with his thesis students from undergraduate to PhD level, he investigates micro-habitat requirements of aquatic arthropods and concludes on the suitability of organisms as bio-indicators. Prof. Freitag also coordinates the BIO-PHIL program ‘Biodiversity Teaching in a Philippine-
Cambodian-German Network’ and sustainable land-use projects with Rainforestation Farming in Key Biodiversity Areas of the Philippines. He is an instructor at the international citizen science initiative ‘ Taxonexpeditions ’ and also works for the Philippine Red List Committee. He is editor-in-chief of Tijdschrift voor Entomologie – an international journal of systematic and evolutionary entomology
established in 1857.
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