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Prof. Claire Chenu

Claire Chenu

Claire Chenu is professor of soil science at AgroParisTech, the leading French technical University in the field of biology, agronomy, food and environmental sciences. Her research deals with soil organic matter: organic carbon dynamics, stabilization processes and the effect of cropping practices on soil C stocks. Claire Chenu is involved in the science-policy-practice interface and in awareness raising activities on soils. She was a lead author of the IPBES assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services for Europe and Central Asia. She chaired the scientific committee of the GESSOL program, a multidisciplinary research program of the French ministry of Ecology devoted to soils. She has been nominated Special Ambassador of soils in 2015 by the FAO. She is vice-chair of the International Scientific and Technical Committee of the 4 per 1000 initiative, “Soils for food security and climate”.
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Europe and Central Asia-Lead author