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Catherine Sabinot

Permanent researcher
Institute of Research for the Development
Catherine Sabinot, PhD from the National Museum of Natural History (Paris), is permanent researcher in anthropology and ethnoecology at the Research Institute for the Development. She is based at the Centre IRD de Nouméa, New Caledonia. Adopting an anthropological and comparative approach (fieldworks in Africa, America, Indo-Pacific), she studies the evolution of interactions between societies and their environment on islands and coastal places. She also analyses the processes of the transmission of knowledge, know-how and environmental perceptions, and their transformations. She participates to numerous projects in Pacific region since 2013 (4 as a leader or a co-leader) concerning fisheries, family farming and pluriactivity, value of places, fresh water governance, protected areas policies, and articulations between local and global norms, values and knowledge.
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Transformative change assessment-Expert