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Prof. André   Pilon

André Pilon

Associate Professor
University of São Paulo; International Academy of Science, Health & Ecology
ORCID Identifier:
André Francisco Pilon, along his career, held different positions: Associate Professor (University of São Paulo); Psychologist (State Court of Justice); Director (Health Education, Ministry of Health); Journalist (Editor-in-chief, Journal Academus; Collaborator, Journal da USP). Affiliations: Int. Acad. of Science, Health & Ecology; United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification; Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services; IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy; EuroScience; World Alliance for Citizen Participation; Int. Assoc. for the Study of the Commons; Water Supply and Sanitation Council; Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature;. He authored several scientific publications and presented at different national and international events on environmental problems, quality of life and the state of the world in view of a four-dimensional ecosystemic approach to public policies, research and teaching programmes, encompassing politics, economics, culture, education, culture, ethics and the shifting of the paradigms of growth, power, wealth, work and freedom embedded into the cultural, social, political and economical institutions. His proposal emphasizes the general phenomenon, in the core of the “boiling pot”, where the problems that menace life survival on Earth emerge and where they should be dealt with. Link for his public profile and selected publications:
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Transformative change assessment-Expert
    Land Degradation and Restoration