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Organic soil charcoal, sustainable development and food safety

Posted by JBDanune on Thu, 17/01/2019
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Humanity's major challenges in the areas of sustainable development are

  1. Eradicate hunger and poverty in the world
  2. Mitigate the effects of climate change
  3. Maintaining the planet's biodiversity

In all of these challenges, soil and concrete soil organic carbon plays an essential role.

Eradicating hunger over 99% of world food depends on the soil ecosystem.
Mitigate climate change the soil and the sink of C in the biosphere and can act as regulator of the flow of other greenhouse gases.

Maintaining biodiversity, the soil and the largest source of biodiversity on the planet / macro and its own microorganisms, is one of the main gene banks and a key factor in the control of biological diversity in terrestrial ecosystems.