According to the IPBES procedures for the preparation of Platform deliverables, supporting material is material that has been prepared for IPBES, and may include dialogue reports, reports and proceedings of workshops commissioned or supported by IPBES, software or databases that facilitate the preparation or use of IPBES reports, policy-relevant tools and methodologies that facilitate the preparation or use of IPBES reports; Guidance materials that assist in the preparation of comprehensive and scientifically sound IPBES reports. Supporting materials are not accepted, approved or adopted by the IPBES Plenary.

The following is a list of supporting materials used by the IPBES assessments, and referenced in these assessments. The material is sorted by assessments, and then by chapter.

Africa Assessment

Africa RA Ch5 - Supplement 5.1

Appendix 1.1 Methodology for Figure SPM.2

Appendix 2.1 Synthesis of information on ecological and socio-economic benefits of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Africa

Europe and Central Asia

ECA Appendix 2.1 Protocol of the systematic review used for chapter 2 of the ECA assessment

ECA Appendix 2.2 Indigenous and local knowledge content of nature's contributions to people

ECA Appendix 2.3 Additional references

ECA Appendix 2.4 Avian scavengers trends

ECA Appendix 2.5 Medicinal plants

ECA Appendix 2.6 List of Sacred Natural Sites

ECA Appendix 2.7 Nature's contributions to people synthetic table references

ECA Appendix 2.8 Assessment of health

ECA Appendix 2.9 Economic values

ECA Appendix 3.1 Additional references

ECA Appendix 5.1 List of reviewed vision studies

ECA Appendix 5.2 Main features of the pathway studies

ECA Appendix 6.1 Responses to global environmental challenges

ECA Appendix 6.2 Responses to transboundary environmental challenges

ECA Appendix 6.3 Agriculture

Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment

LDRA_Figure SPM.1_Appendix 1.1_methodological note