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Data management

The data-specific deliverables are the following:

  • Review and further develop the IPBES data management policy, as well as support and monitor its implementation in all objectives of the platform: This deliverable focuses on the policy itself and its implementation. Review the policy in regular intervals, and further develop the policy by incorporating new developments regarding data management and handling. Monitor and promote the implementation of the policy in all objectives and activities of the IPBES platform. In addition, draft the long-term vision of IPBES data management, handling and delivery;
  • Provide support for the generation, management, handling and delivery of IPBES products in aspects relating to the data management policy: Support the implementation of the IPBES data management policy by giving guidance and overseeing and providing technical support to all experts within IPBES, including assessments, technical support units, and task forces, to follow data management practices aligned with the policy. This includes for example support in the design and development of data management plans for all products underlying their work (e.g. figures, maps, tables and indicators), provision of expertise, facilities, tailor-made training sessions, online tutorials, and workshops, as well as ad-hoc meetings and troubleshooting services as required. Increase the efficiency and transparency in the production of IPBES products by providing reliable and standardised access points to regularly updated spatial and non-spatial data. Showcase benefits and proposes means for using more advanced techniques for data extraction and analysis using, for example, natural language processing and machine learning techniques and help develop improved assessment reports using interactive infographics and maps;
  • Explore and establish collaborations with external initiatives and providers on data: Identify potential external initiatives, providers and experts which would be able to provide knowledge and support for the achievement of the overall objectives of the Platform.

Current resources and information can be found at the IPBES ICT guide website ( which holds documentation for IPBES data management and IT services.
If you would like to contact the technical support unit on knowledge and data regarding data, please email