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Interactive tool to assess and visualise land use preferences - LANDPREF

Aim of the resource

It allows the respondents to interactively combine competing land use options at different intensity levels to an overall desired land use.

Using the resource
Requirements for using the resource:
<li>LANDPREF needs to be embedded in a software application online or on tablet (for on-site use)</li>
<li>LANDPREF has originally been designed for the Pentland Hills case study and has since been adapted and applied in other surveys</li>
Potential benefits from using the resource
LANDPREF is adaptable for a wide range of landscapes. It has been adapted and tested in two further case studies already (see “Uses of the product” and “Case Studies”)
Embedded constraints require respondents to make distinct choices between competing land use
The interactive use and the visual representation support people´s willingness to engage in the survey and submerge into the topic.
It has been used as part of an online survey, within face-to-face interviews and during public events - where the gathered data could be directly analysed and displayed on a screen
Potential limitations from using the resource
Trade-off rules between competing land use options and rich pictures need to be adapted for different landscapes
The results of the survey provides a good overview of desired future land use in the area. It does not provide spatially explicit information of potential conflicts
General caveats of landscape visualization
The combination of land use options is restricted based on current state of the knowledge and practice guidelines and requires respondents to make explicit trade-offs
Practical information
Development stage:
Full, working product
Contact details

LANDPREF is a novel tool to assess desired land use visions. It enables the adjustment of a virtual landscape according to personal preferences of competing land uses, and is an interactive tool for the survey-based assessment of land use preferences.


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