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Goal Programming

Aim of the resource

Developed to handle multiple (usually conflicting) objectives, with each objective given a goal or target value to be achieved and deviations from the set of targets minimised.

Using the resource
Requirements for using the resource:
<li>Goal programming requires specification of a performance aspiration for each objective, then the underlying algorithm searches among the candidates for the alternative with the minimum multi-dimensional distance to the goal set.</li>
Potential benefits from using the resource
Avoids the naïve, binary-style step functions used by Linear Programming and Stochastic Dynamic Programming.
Can be used pofritably by a single decision maker
Potential limitations from using the resource
Subject to misuse in multi-stakeholder settings as stakeholders will tend to manipulate outcomes through the articulation of insincere positions on what might be considered an appropriate goal for each objective
Contact details
IPBES Secretariat

Goal programming is a type of optimisation approach. Optimisation approaches can be viewed as providing the analytical machinery to assist in the generation and analysis of ‘target-seeking’ or ‘backcasting’ scenarios.


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