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Global change and conservation triage on National Wildlife Refuges

Aim of the resource

This resource aims to provide managers with strategies to make effective decisions to meet strategic objectives and manage landscapes and populations threatened by global climate change while using funds and resources in the most efficient way possible.

Using the resource
Potential benefits from using the resource
While this resource uses case studies from coastal habitats, the management principles discussed could be applied to protected areas within any ecosystem
Potential limitations from using the resource
Since this resource focuses on NWRs, some concepts may not be applicable to protected areas with other requirements or restrictions
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United States Geological Survey
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This resource discusses the role of “conservation triage”, a framework concerned with the allocation of scarce resources to maximize conservation effectiveness, in making decisions complicated by ecological and social values, climate change, and other management issues on United States National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs). The resource uses data derived from meetings and workshops with management professionals on coastal NWRs to examine professional perspectives and opportunities for improvement in scientific decision-making using social science techniques.


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