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Ecosystem services reference book

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Marion Potschin-Young (Fabis Consulting Ltd., UK)

The Ecosystem services reference book contains 27 Synthesis Papers (SPs) on key concepts within the field of ecosystem services.  The SPs are succinct and up-to-date reviews of the state of thinking around different key concepts of ecosystem services such as (non-monetary) valuation, nature-based solutions, stakeholder involvement etc. The SPs include an exploration of concepts from various sectoral perspectives – including economics, public health, social welfare and land use planning – plus an exploration of conceptual understandings of the role of ES concepts in addressing various societal challenges including building resilience, addressing social inequality including those related to gender, and trade-off analysis. The SPs were designed to enhance common understanding of the concepts and issues. The ecosystem services reference book is available through Oppla (, an online platform where the latest thinking on ecosystem services, natural capital and nature-based solutions is brought together.

Image: The cascade model and the four challenges (Source EU FP7 OpenNESS Project Deliverable 1.2, Potschin et al. (2016): Final conceptual frameworks for the analysis of ecosystem services and natural capital in relation to the challenges of well-being, sustainable management, governance and competitiveness, and how these issues can be communicated and resolved in difference place based-contexts. European Commission FP7).


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