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Economic and environmental implications of alternative landscape designs in the Walnut Creek Watershed of Iowa

Aim of the resource

This resource aims to model different decision-making processes related to different management strategies and value systems to guide managers in making choices appropriate to regional qualities and objectives.

Using the resource
Potential benefits from using the resource
This resource provides in-depth analysis of the costs and benefits of each management scenario, allowing stakeholders to choose which would best suit their needs
Potential limitations from using the resource
While these scenarios could be generally applied to similar agricultural scenarios, different environmental qualities may need to be considered in different global ecosystems
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United States Geological Survey
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This resource compares three landscape scenarios for a Midwestern agricultural watershed, with each proposed management strategy prioritizing one of three values: agricultural productivity, water quality, and biodiversity. The economic and environmental implications of each scenario are evaluated to determine the associated costs and benefits to the future of the region.


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