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Closed notifications

Notification Announcement Number Application period Deliverable Download
Reminder: Review of IPBES – Survey EM/2018/21 - Review of the Platform Download EM/2018/21
Reminder: Call for requests, input and suggestions for the next work programme of IPBES EM/2018/16 - Download EM/2018/16
Review of IPBES: Survey EM/2018/20 - Review of the Platform Download EM/2018/20
Invitation to seventh session of IPBES Plenary (#IPBES7) - Members, Observers and Stakeholders EM/2018/18 - Download EM/2018/18
Call for nominations of candidates for the Bureau EM/2018/19 - Download EM/2018/19
Invitation to seventh session of IPBES Plenary (#IPBES7) EM/2018/17 - Download EM/2018/17
Call for requests, inputs and suggestions on short-term priorities and longer term strategic needs for the future work programme of IPBES EM/2018/14 - Download EM/2018/14
Less than one week left for second review of the IPBES Global Assessment EM/2018/15 - Global assessment Download EM/2018/15
Background document for the discussion on nature’s contributions to people at the IPBES consultation and capacity building workshop (4-6 June 2018, Bonn, Germany) EM/2018/13 - Download EM/2018/13
Call for input regarding the organization of work of the seventh session of the Plenary EM/2018/12 - Plenary Download EM/2018/12