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Dr. Walter Alberto Pengue

Walter Alberto Pengue

Walter A. Pengue is an Agricultural Engineer specialized in Improvement of Plant Genetics (Plant Breeding), at the University of Buenos Aires.

He holds a Masters degree from the same University in Environmental and Territorial Policies.

He is also Doctor in Agro-Ecology, Rural Sociology and Sustainable Development by the University of Córdoba, European Union (Spain). Postdoctoral stay at INBI, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (2006).

He is a founding member of the Argentine/Uruguayan Association of Ecological Economics (ASAUEE), as well as of the Ibero- American Network of Ecological Economics (REDIBEE), the International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE), the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) and other International Associations such as ASAE and CSAE.

Former President of ASAUEE during 2008-2010 and Board Member of ISEE (International Society for Ecological Economics) for the period 2011-2013.

He was Scientific Member of the International Bureau of Ecological Economics for the International Meeting at Nairobi (2006) and New Delhi (2008).

He leads the Ecological Area at the Periurban Institute in the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, where he is full professor (
He is Director of the Postgraduate Specialization on Ecological Economics, FADU, at the University of Buenos Aires as well as Professor of the Group on Landscape Ecology and the Environment, GEPAMA, Faculty of Architecture, University of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA (

He is responsible for the Area of Ecological Economics and Sustainable Agriculture, as well as a member of the Steering Committee of the Argentine Institute for Economic Development.
He is the author of numerous books and book chapters dealing with the impact of new technologies in agriculture, sustainable models of agricultural development and production alternatives. He is a consultant for different public and private entities as well as International Organizations on matters such as Agricultural Production, Green Markets, Sustainable Development, New Technologies and Environmental Impacts.

He is Professor of the following National Universities: Buenos Aires, General Sarmiento, La Matanza, Rosario, La Pampa and others at Misiones, Salta, Rio Negro, as well as other private and international universities, teaching Ecological Economics, Agroecology and Rural Development in Masters and PhD seminars and courses in International Universities in Latin America and Europe.

Relevant books: Cultivos Transgénicos, Hacia donde vamos? (Transgenic Crops, ¿Where are we going?) (UNESCO, 2000), Agricultura Industrial y transnacionalización en América Latina (Industrial Agriculture and transnacionalization in Latin America) (UNEP, 2005), La apropiación y el saqueo de la naturaleza (Ownership and Plunder of Nature), Lugar Editorial, 2008, Bioinvasiones y Bioeconomía: El caso del Sorgo de Alepo resistente a Glifosato en la agricultura argentina (Bioinvasions and Bioeconomics: The case of resistant Johnsongrass to glyphosate in Argentina's agriculture), FLACSO Guatemala, 2009, Fundamentos de Economía Ecológica (Fundamentals of Ecological Economics), Kaicron Editorial, Buenos Aires, 2009. In 2013 wrote “Nuevos Enfoques de la Economía Ecológica, una perspectiva latinoamericana sobre el desarrollo” (New approaches for Ecological Economics, a latin american perspective on development). See Full CV for others and below.

His main expertise issues has relations with Ecological Economics, Agroecology, Urban Ecology, Social Metabolism, Rural Development and Physical Indicators studies.

He is partner responsabile of international projects supported by European Union (SUPPORT - ALFA, CEECEC) – FP7, United Nations UNEP (IPSRM) and others at the national level.

Since May 2009 he is a scientific member at the IPSRM, International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management), “The Resource Panel”, UNEP, United Nations.

Walter Pengue was CoChair of the Land and Soils Working Group and member of the Water Efficiency Working Group at the INTERNATIONAL RESOURCE PANEL, UNEP. Documents available on:

Member of IPBES. LCA Americas Report Chapter 5. Documents and Report on:

Member of the Scientific Board of TEEB Agriculture & Food (since 2016).

Member of the Ad Hor Technical Expert Group for the Cartagena Protocol CBD.
Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Socio-economic Considerations
(Article 26 of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety)
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