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Parimal Parashar

Svyam Bane Gopal
I am 36 years old Indian Citizen. Having graduated in Electronics Engineering and Management course, I worked with various SME Companies and fortune 500 company of the world for few years, however I chose philanthropy as my final profession because I had the inbred great interest in it.

Since I wasn’t able to manage the time personally to help every needy individual, I established a Voluntary association and named it “Svyam Bane Gopal”.

Why I named it “Svyam Bane Gopal” because in Hindi language the meaning of “Svyam Bane Gopal” is- “Make Yourself Gopal”. Actually Lord “Gopal” was the greatest philanthropist on earth (in ancient most era) Who served countless no of poor people in His life.

“Svyam Bane Gopal” is an N.G.O. (Non Governmental Organization) registered with Indian Government, primarily located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Various & several philanthropic works of “Svyam Bane Gopal” are globally appreciated & recognized. For knowing more details about “Svyam Bane Gopal” organization, please visit its website ( which has the readership from 4601 cities of 174 countries of the world Or please open following URL (which has short introduction of all several important & famous philanthropic works of “Svyam Bane Gopal” organization)-
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