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Dr. Olaotswe Kgosikoma

Olaotswe Kgosikoma

Principal Agricultural Research Officer
Ministry of Agriculture
Dr Olaotswe Kgosikoma has a PhD in Ecology and Resource Management awarded based on thesis titled “Understanding the savanna dynamics in relation to rangeland management systems and environmental conditions in semi-arid Botswana”. I have researched on interactions between livestock, rangeland and environmental conditions for 13 years and have published several peer reviewed articles on the related topics such as bush encroachment, communal grazing management, ranching and rainfall variability. I have extensive experience on determining the rangeland condition, carrying capacity, livestock stocking rate and grazing system based on scientific and indigenous knowledge.
In addition, I have excellent understanding on impact of climate variability and change on livestock and climate resilient practices such as ecosystem based adaptation (EbA) that could improve the resilience of livestock production and livelihood of pastoral communities. This knowledge will be relevant towards understanding of climate change effects or impacts on rangeland and livelihoods of this proposed consultancy work.
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