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Ms. Madhu Verma

Madhu Verma

Chief Economist
World resources Institute, New Delhi, India
ORCID Identifier:
Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu Verma is the Chief Economist at the World Resources Institute (WRI) at their India office. Prior to joining WRI in December 2019, she worked as Professor of Environment and Developmental Economics and Coordinator, Centre for Ecological Services Management at the Indian institute of Forest Management , Bhopal, India. She is a Biological Science graduate and MA, M.Phil & Ph.D. in Economics from Bhopal University, Bhopal., India and a Fulbright Fellow (2012), LEAD Fellow (2007) and World Bank EMCaB program’s EEOFC Grant awardee (2001) to do research at the UCAL (Berkeley) as Visiting Scholar and at UMASS (Amherst) as Visiting Professor (2001) & an INSEE Fellow (2019).

She works intensively on Ecosystem-Economy Modelling, Economic Valuation & Green Accounting of Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Tiger & Snow Leopard Habitat Valuation, Forest- Fiscal Federalism and Payment for Ecosystem Services & Livelihood Economics. In her new role at WRI she would be providing the thread of Economics across its urban, energy, forests, adaptation and climate programs in India and will be a member of the global WRI Economics Team. She has 35 years of enriched work experience with many national and international institutes, Ministries of Environment, Finance, Agriculture & Rural Development, Human Resources and Défense and with Forestry Commission & various Finance Commissions of India; United Nations bodies, World Bank and various other international funding agencies and academic & research institutes. She has travelled across the globe to more than 30 countries for her work and has more than 40 publications in international and national journals, several books & Project Reports to her credit. Many of her research outcomes have greatly influenced the policies and decision making process of the government and have led to introduction of economic instruments in the system. She has contributed to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Report, The Economics of Ecosystem & Biodiversity (TEEB) Report and to the Global Biodiversity Assessment Report of IPBES in Expert /Coordinating/ Lead Author capacities.

She has been recognized by United Nations- REDD platform for ‘Women Working in Forests”, featured in special issue of India Today in March 2018, a leading magazine of India under the category of ‘Trendsetters- Anchors of New Policies ‘for her work on valuation of forest resources t& Tiger Habitats to inform policy makers; nominated as a “Human Star” for the “Day out with a Star” forum at based at Washington, DC on environmental careers in April 2917. In November 2019 she was conferred Fellow of the Indian Society of Ecological Economics (INSEE) Fellow in recognition of “her pathbreaking contributions in refining and honing ecological concepts to make them visible on the radar of policy makers. She has aptly been referred to as “a trendsetter and a change-maker” in the media, both in India and abroad. We acknowledge herewith her seminal and ongoing contributions to the cause of recognition of ecological services of forests in the financial system of the country”.

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