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Jana Mullerova

Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences
ORCID Identifier:
I am plant ecologist interested in spatio-temporal patterns of vegetation at both local and landscape scale especially in relation to humans, using remote sensing and GIS. I focus on plant-environment and plant-human interactions and disturbances at both community and landscape level (present and historical), invasive plant species (monitoring and patterns) and spatio-temporal changes in vegetation. I work with unmanned, aerial and satellite imagery, historical maps and other sources using advanced GIS and remote sensing methods. Currently I am involved in several projects focusing on early detection and monitoring of selected invasive species using remote sensing methods and spatio-temporal analysis of the course of invasion (for details see This work has resulted in publications of several papers (main author or co-author) exploring the potential for remote sensing detection of invasions, dynamics of spread at different scales, as well as the role of long-distance dispersal and historical changes in land-use. Among others, I also participate in research of both human and natural disturbances in tundra ecosystem (KrkonoŇ°e Mts., Czech Republic, Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA, and Greenland, Disco Bay), involving vegetation surveys, long-term observations and remote sensing analysis.
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Invasive Alien Species assessment-Lead author