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Gabriel Nemogá

University of Winnipeg and Research Group PLEBIO-Universidad Nacional de Colombia
I am a descendant of the Muisca Indigenous People of Colombia, South America. I have degrees in PhD Human Ecology (University of California-Davis), MA (Brunel, UK), BA in Sociology (National University of Colombia), BA in Law (Free University of Colombia). Currently I am the Chair of the Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance and Full Professor at the University of Winnipeg. Previously at the National University of Colombia, I founded the interdisciplinary group PLEBIO and conducted research on policy and legislation on biodiversity, genetic resources, and traditional knowledge. I also founded the Master Program in Biosciences and Law at the same university. I have been involved in research initiatives undertaken with the research group PLEBIO, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, South (IUCN-South) and research partners from Europe, Central, and South America. My research interests include biocultural diversity, biodiversity research, and conservation, traditional knowledge systems, indigenous education, bioethics, and biodiversity law. I have worked with and for Indigenous communities in Mexico, Nicaragua, the Andean and the Amazon region in Colombia. My current work strives for the incorporation of indigenous worldviews and ways of life, normally ignored in decision-making processes, in the development mechanisms for the protection of traditional knowledge and biodiversity.
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