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Erik Gomez-Baggethun

Professor of Environmental Governance
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
I am a Professor in Environmental Governance at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and a Senior Visiting Research at the University of Oxford. My research covers various topics in ecological economics, including environmental values and valuation, ecosystem services, economic instruments for environmental protection, and post-growth economics, topics in which I have contributed multiple scientific papers, book chapters and policy reports. I serve as vice president of the ESEE and in the editorial board of several international scientific journals. I have been a lead author of the report ‘The economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity’ (TEEB) and coordinating lead author of CBDs global ‘Cities and Biodiversity Outlook’ (CBO-1) and participated an an expert in the scoping stage of IPBES.

For more information on my work, please visit my Google scholar account at the link below:
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Values assessment-Lead author
Values task force-Expert