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Mr. Ephraim Maduhu Nkonya

Ephraim Maduhu Nkonya

Senior research fellow
International Food Policy research Institute (IFRPI)
ORCID Identifier:
About ...Dr. Ephraim Nkonya is a senior research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in Washington D.C. Ephraim leads an IFPRI program on land resources for poverty reduction. Ephraim earned his Ph.D. degrees in agricultural economics from Kansas State university. He has published widely in referred journals on issues related to natural resource management, poverty reduction, climate change and role of rural services on poverty reduction.
In collaboration with scientists from around the world, Ephraim is currently leading a global study on the economics of land degradation (ELD), which aims to measure the cost of inaction against land degradation and the benefit of taking against land degradation. A springer book on LED has been published in 2016.
Ephraim is a true East African – with parental heritage from Kenya and Uganda but with Tanzanian passport. He grew up on a small farm in northern Tanzania, which inspired him to pursue his land management career.
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