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Mohammad Dulloo

Team leader
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Dr Dulloo was born in 1957in Mauritius and holds a PhD degree in conservation biology. He started his career working in Forestry Service in Mauritius in 1982 and helped developed the first National Park in Mauritius. He worked for Mauritius Wildlife Foundation (1996-1998) to led World bank/GEF projects to restore degraded islands. In 1999, he joined Bioversity as germplasm conservation scientist. He left Bioversity in 2011 to join FAO as Senior Officer and subsequently re-joined Bioversity in November 2012 as Leader of the Conservation and Availability Programme. In this capacity, he provides scientific leadership for in situ conservation of crop wild relatives and on farm conservation and oversight on the policy and informatics work of Bioversity. Among his major achievements, Dr Dulloo conceptualized the World Bank 2009 award winning proposal “Seeds for Needs” in Ethiopia on the use of genebank material in adapting to climate change,. He contributed to the development of the successful UNEP/GEF project on in situ conservation of crop wild relatives and established the CGIAR Crop Genebank Knowledge Base. He has been a lead author for the preparation of FAO first and second State of the World Reports on plant genetic resources and the 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report. Dr Dulloo is a co-chair the Crop Wild Relative Specialist Group of IUCN/Species Survival Commission.
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