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Eglee Zent

Full Resarcher
IVIC Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientficas
Eglee L. Zent is a Venezuelan mother of two sons. She has en eclectic formation (art, anthropology, botany, conservation biology). She conducted studies for her PhD at the Universities of California at Berkeley and of Georgia finishing in 1999. She has carried out etnoecological, ecocosmological and ethnocartographic research (including etnobotany, ethnomycology, behavioral ecology, self-demarcation of Indian territories) in the high Venezuelan Andes among Parameros as well as in the lowland Amazon among the Jodï, an Amerindian group. Her research embraces trans-disciplinarian epistemologies and approaches, drawing in material and ideological, quantitative and qualitative aspects. Since 2000 she is being working as a Researcher at IVIC teaching courses at postgraduate level and also providing advice for students. She has published about 65 papers and presented her scientific results in over 55 events.
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