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Dr. Christopher Dickens

Christopher Dickens

Principal Researcher
IWMI - International Water Management Institute
Dr. Dickens is an aquatic ecologist with 30 years’ experience working in three main areas: 1.) aquatic ecosystem health, 2.) water resource protection including environmental water requirements and resource quality objectives and 3.) water resource management and governance.

During his 30 year career, he has worked in the water management industry and for national and international water research agencies and is working now for the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

He has carried out a wide range of projects during this time. Most recently he was lead author of the indicator method for the SDG Target 6.6 on water-related ecosystems. Besides this he has done work on environmental water requirements or E-flows for rivers including the Nile, Inner Niger Delta, rivers in Lesotho, Tanzania, Kenya and in his home country South Africa. He has drafted National policy for determination of Resource Quality Objectives and also for management of environmental flows. He has a long history in river health management having designed both methods and monitoring programmes for various countries. He has also worked on various projects considering IWRM and INRM (integrated natural resources management) in Africa as a whole.
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