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Dr. Chaeho Byun

Chaeho Byun

Assistant Professor
Andong National University
My areas of expertise are as follows:
•Community Assembly and Dynamics
•Biodiversity and Invasibility
•Ecological Restoration and Invasive Species Management
•Monitoring and Assessment of Ecosystems

The ultimate goal of my research is the application of ecological knowledge to maintain biodiversity and restore ecosystem functions and services.

I am particularly interested in understanding plant community assembly and biological invasion processes in early-developing or recovering ecosystems. I integrate both theoretical and practical approaches, using observational field surveys, controlled experiment, and statistical models with R.

My current studies focus on management of invasive plants in South Korea through ecological restoration of alternative plants.

My doctoral studies focused on determinants of biotic resistance to invasion in plant community assembly. I restored diverse wetland plant communities by applying seed mixtures containing different functional groups, and I examine which communities are more or less susceptible to invasion by the introduced lineage of Phragmites australis (common reed).
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Invasive Alien Species assessment-Lead author