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Prof. Caroline Akachuku

Caroline Akachuku

The Council , Michael Okapra University of Agriculture Umudike
Am a Professor of Forestry and Environmental Management with the following qualifications :Ph. D Forestry (Agroforestry option) , 2002 ,M.Sc,.Agronomy with specialization in Horticulture, 1991,B.Sc Forest Resources Management 1986.I have over 24 years working experience within the university system. I have carried out many research work, published many journal articles, attended many national and international workshops, conferences and seminars. I serve as member of committee on panel review of many EIA projects for Honorable minister for Environment. I worked in International group. I have traveled to different parts of the world. I have served as Dean, Deputy Dean and am currently the Head of Department of Forestry and Environmental Management. My area of specialization includes Forestry, Forest Food Resources Management (Edible NonTimber Forest Products) Environmental Management, Agroforestry, beekeeping, Snail farming. Write and speak English fluently, have excellent interpersonal relationships. My hobbies include reading,, traveling, walking,, listening to classical music and singing.
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