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Dr. Bukombe Kija

Bukombe Kija

Senior Research Officer
Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute
Dr. Bukombe John is Senior Research Officer at Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI). He has MSc in Dryland Biodiversity conservation and holds PhD in Wildlife Ecology, specialized in Forage ecology. He has training in invasive species and has participated in identification and mapping of invasive plants across different ecosystems in Tanzania. He is currently focal person on invasive species at TAWIRI and member of National Team for invasive species in the country. He has participated (both internationally and locally) in conferences and consortiums on invasive species. Dr. Bukombe has 12 years of scientific research, especially in biodiversity assessments, patch choices based on specific forage preferences, natural Vegetation surveys and mapping. His scientific expertise touches community livelihoods through community surveys especially his participation as a project leader in an internationally collaborative project involving surveys and assessment of phytochemical contents of medicinal plants as well as their utilization at the local setting by different ethnic groups natives to northern Tanzania. His major interests include enhancing livelihoods by creating sustainable environmental by preventing or reducing threats from plant invasions and enhancing sustainable wildlife management through environmental conservation. He has contributed to global knowledge through publication of 14 papers in peer reviewed journals (three of which on invasive species), five (5) papers in conference proceedings (mostly on invasive species) and six (6) book chapters (including a chapter on invasive species).
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Invasive Alien Species assessment-Lead author