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Dr. Brahim Haddane

Brahim Haddane

Biodiversity Management and Policy Expert
Fondatin Mohamed VI pour la Protection de l'Environnement
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Graduate of the Veterinary School of Rabat (IAV Hassan II), wildlife option and holds a Master in biological science option Nature Conservation from ‘ the Royal College of London 'and a certificate on zoonotic diseases from Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp / Belgium
He worked for 30 years at Forestry Department / Ministry of Agriculture in Rabat on the ex situ conservation and management program for the reintroduction of national endangered wildlife species.
He is a founding member of The ASMAPEC ( Moroccan association for environment and climate protection), NGO member of IUCN. Hi sis also Member of the Moroccan Association for ecotourism and nature conservation.
Bureau member of the Royal Moroccan Federation for Hunting and promotion of sustainable hunting in responsible eco tourism for rural development in remote areas.
Since 1984 he joined IUCN as a member of the successively commissions SSC, WCPA, CEC .He works on threatened species of fauna and flora, on the AP / KBA and their benefits for local population and fragile ecosystems services to humanity and the promotion of responsible ecotourism.
He is also expert who has worked with FAO and IPBES on environmental health and the role of biodiversity in human being and animal welfare .
He was elected Regional Councillor for Africa during WCC 2008 in Barcelona and re-elected in WCC 2012 Jeju South Korea.
The Bureau IUCN Malaga was opened in 2000 and participated in the recruitment of staff and the North Africa program coordinator since 2010.
He is also S. G. of IUCN National Committee he created in 1998 and the Coordinator of the Regional Committee of IUCN members in North Africa.
He was the adviser of the National ferderation of Hunters in charge of the organisation of the hunters in association and their institutionalisation and their organisation to get trained in the sustainable use of natural resources particularly game species (2002-2012).
Since 2005 he leads an educational program on the environment with school groups and the public awareness strategy for the protection of nature in general that he developed with other experts. Currently over 30 000 children from 380 schools annually benefit from the program developed in the botanical gardens of our city. Sessions are transmitted on radio and on television every year on the occasion of the national days.
He is currently in charge of Biodiversity program at the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and Director of the Exotic Botanical Garden of Rabat Salé.
Dr Haddane is married with 3 children. He speaks fluently French, English, Spanish in addition to his native language Arabic. "

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