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Dr. Bella Galil

Bella Galil

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv University
Studied marine bioinvasions and their dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea. A Senior Scientist at the National Institute of Oceanography, Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, 1990-2016, and had managed benthic monitoring surveys in nationally important projects. Since 2016 a member of the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Israel National Center for Biodiversity Studies, Tel Aviv University. She has published over 310 peer-reviewed scientific articles. A member of the directorate and chairperson of the Scientific Committee of the Nature and Parks Authority, Israel, 2007-2012. A Member of the Editorial Board of Biological Invasions, Member of the Advisory Board of Aquatic Invasions. Since 2005 a member of the Invasive Species Scientific Committee, IUCN, and since 2015 member of WRiMS.

recent publications related to the issues for which the nomination is made:

Galil BS, Danovaro R, Rothman S, Gevili R, Goren M (2018) Invasive biota in the deep-sea Mediterranean: an emerging issue in marine conservation and management. Biological Invasions (online 27 Aug 2018)

Ojaveer H, Galil BS, Alleway H, Carlton JT, Goulletquer P, Lehtiniemi M, Marchini A, Miller W, Occhipinti-Ambrogi A, Peharda M, Ruiz GM, Williams SL, Zaiko A. (2018) Historical baselines in marine bioinvasions: implications for policy and management. PLoS ONE 13(8): e0202383

Galil BS (2018) Poisonous and venomous: marine alien species in the Mediterranean Sea and human health. In: Mazza G, Tricarico E, (eds) Invasive species and human health. CABI 10.1079/9781786390981.0001

Darling JA, Galil BS, Carvalho GR, Rius M, Viard F, Piraino S. (2017) Recommendations for developing and applying molecular genetic tools to assess and manage biological invasions in marine ecosystems. Marine Policy 85: 54-64.

Galil BS (2017) Eyes Wide Shut: Managing BioÔÇÉInvasions in the Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. In: Goriup PD (ed) Management of Marine Protected Areas: A Network Perspective. John Wiley & Son, pp187-206.

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Invasive Alien Species assessment-Coordinating lead author