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Dr. Andy Choi

Andy Choi

Principal Researcher
National Institute of Ecology, Republic of Korea
Dr. Andy Choi is an environmental economist and choice modeller, currently affiliated with the National Institute of Ecology, South Korea. Dr. Choi's research interests cut across environmental economics (nonmarket valuation), protected areas and heritage sites, cultural and environmental attitudes, attitude-behaviour relationships, and ecosystem services. He has been involved in various projects that investigated economic values of conserving cultural heritage sites and protected areas, coastal wetlands, urban greenspaces, and ecological restoration. He examined the relationship between climate policies and economic values of voluntary carbon mitigation, and is currently mainly working on ecosystem services. His PhD degree was completed in December 2007 at National University, examining preference heterogeneity issues in nonmarket valuation and public policy. The thesis offers a fundamental basis for "the diverse conceptualization of multiple values of nature and its benefits", where he investigated heterogeneous sources of stated preferences, including latent attitudinal variables and population characteristics.

In particular, he has worked as a Lead Author for Ch. 2, IPBES Asia-Pacific Regional Assessment. During the past three years, he has been active in discussing and contextualising very complex and difficult issues of multiple values and their measurement, and the underlying value systems. His recent publications cover economic valuation of biodiversity and various ecosystem services (regulating and cultural), development of a cultural worldview scale, development of a tool for measuring ecosystem-based experience and activities, and an integrated approach between economic models and socio-behavioural models (psychographics). The multidisciplinary working experience and his academic background will be an asset for the success of the methodological assessment regarding diverse conceptualization of multiple values of nature and its benefits.
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