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Mr. Asghar Mohammadi Fazel

Asghar Mohammadi Fazel

ORCID Identifier:
Accomplished professional with 15+ years’ experience in delivering technical and executive support to a wide range of organisations among the private and public sectors. Acknowledged for capacity to analyse complex issues, expedite innovative solutions, and build consensus-driven approaches. Project manager with proven success for United Nations agencies, ensuring timely completion within estimated budget. Skilled in winning public tenders, supervising meetings, and achieving fundraising targets. Excellent communicator dedicated to achieving the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Multilingual fluent in Persian and English.
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Knowledge and Data-Bureau expert group co-chair
Knowledge and Data-MEP task force/expert group member
Asia-Pacific Assessment-Bureau task force/expert group member
Global assessment-Bureau task force/expert group member
Scenarios and models assessment-Bureau task force/expert group member
Values task force-Bureau task force/expert group member