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Zoonotics diseases

Posted by Kacharat on Tue, 01/10/2019
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In issues of zoonotics diseases have many cases such as insecticide, low habitat quality, climate change, and/or inflection from poaching or illegal wildlife trade. So, wildlife welfare unable to recognize about healthy care only, but sould be scrutinize involves key factors from triangle dimension for wildlife healthy care and conservation. For example, some area in natural habitat of Thailand, when wildlife of some species (target group is mammals and aves) have painful and needs healthy care emergency, but that area are difficult much more moving into area for taking to healthy care. If can not move to time suddenly, wildlife individual that may be die probability (wildlife individual die = function loss), in the end, just to do about forensic science. Finally, for questions, how we can change about behaviour of the big companies of the world in food and chemical industrial (products process) for reduces effect to zoonotics diseases which have meaning an important significant reflect to dramatics solution ? (emphasize implement process). Because all these cases aforementioned have an influence to CNS of wildlife, especially forging and parental care behaviour which suggest to the relation of natality and mortality rate fluctuation in population demographic in ecosystem.

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