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Governance and telecoupling

Posted by Anne-GaelleAusseil on Thu, 03/10/2019
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One of the biggest issue in my mind is the interconnectedness between our food systems and the dependencies on ecosystems in various parts of the world. Telecoupling seems to be a reasonably new concept yet important if we want to design sustainable solutions. Question: what is the state of knowledge on telecoupled food systems around the world and can this assessment review the type of governance that have proven sustainable?

Also, farming systems are very different from one country to another. It would be good to clarify the ecological footprint of the different farming systems (e.g. grain-fed vs pasture-fed milking cows). These systems may also differ in their type of footprint: water, carbon, ecological. And social acceptance on animal welfare etc will differ depending on culture.

It would be good to summarise and give all the scientific evidence to balance these different farm systems and nuance the statements around various food products impact on the environment.