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Food industrial and ecosystem services capacity

Posted by Kacharat on Wed, 02/10/2019
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Human intellectual provide to adaptation for natural resources explore (forging behaviour distribution pattern) for life existence. Since history to present are changed phenomenon have been effect to ecosystem, its clearly after industrial revolution. So, in the present, we are encountering challenge with habitat loss, riparian forest loss, wetland degradation, glacier melting, traditional medicine, or GMOs food which having a negative effect direction to ecosystem services capacity (especially regulating and provisioning). I trying to explain about dimension of the relation between cost - benefits and natural capital stock, which I thinking its width phase too much on realistic situation. Okay, we know about data statistics of global gross national total products or GDP, and know about indicator and criteria, but important of approach for gap analysis on these relation, what is it ? base on different of political, socio - economic, life quality, population demographic, believe and natural resource etc. Overall for scrutinizing to scoping involves ecosystem services capacity assessment (because some area have open or common access to natural beneficial) for SD achievement and biodiversity protection and for next generation.

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