The IPBES secretariat has developed an open registry of IPBES stakeholders for any individuals or organizations who can benefit from or contribute to the implementation of the IPBES work programme, or who can motiovate others to do so. By engaging the widest range of relevant stakeholders, IPBES aims to strengthen the science-policy interface through its four functions (assessments, knowledge generation, policy support and capacity-building).

Register as an IPBES Stakeholder

The purpose of the IPBES stakeholder registry is to maintain an updated list of current contact information, both to assist stakeholders with their networking activities and to enable the secretariat to directly share breaking news, announcements, calls and other important IPBES information.

According to the stakeholder engagement strategy and in the context of the work programme, IPBES stakeholders will act as both contributors and end users of the Platform and will be individual scientists or knowledge holders, and also institutions, organizations or groups working in the field of biodiversity, that could:

  1. Contribute to the activities of the work programme through their experience, expertise, knowledge, data, information and capacity-building experience;
  2. Use or benefit from the outcomes of the work programme;
  3. Encourage and support the participation of scientists and knowledge holders in the work of the Platform.

Individuals or organisations who identify with one or more of the definitions of IPBES stakeholders mentioned above and who would like to be included in the open registry of stakeholders are asked to fill in the relevant form below.

Please note that inclusion in the registry does not automatically grant IPBES observer status to registrants - there are seperate rules for the accreditation of observer organisations at IPBES Plenary sessions.