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Registration for first external review of global assessment

Instructions and guidelines for the external review of the first order draft of the chapters of the IPBES global assessment

Thank you for your interest in becoming an external reviewer of the first order draft of the chapters of the IPBES global assessment of bodiversity and ecosystem services. We would like to draw your attention to the important fact that these drafts remain strictly confidential. By applying to be an IPBES expert reviewer you formally agree to the terms and conditions of the review, clicking “agree” below you commit to not quote, cite or disseminate (including in blogs or to the media) the material. You also agree to provide comments on the drafts using the template provided; to comment only in English and to comment only on the substance (not grammar, spelling etc.) of the drafts. If you know of other experts who would like access to the drafts, please encourage them to also register on the IPBES website ( Please do not forward the chapters to them.

As soon as your registration has been successfully submitted, an email will be sent informing you that the draft chapters are accessible and providing the link where the drafts can be downloaded. To follow the link, you will need to be logged on using the same IPBES website username and password that you have used to access this page. The link will take you to a landing page with links to download the draft chapters . On that page, you will also be provided with the relevant templates for submitting your comments and to whom your comments must be submitted. For purposes of this external review IPBES will use your email address associated with your IPBES website username, should you wish to provide an additional/alternate email address please do so in the field provided below.